Our mission is to satisfy our customers and to professionally respond to any questions and concerns they may have. Here, you can find answers to some frequently asked questions.

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General Questions

  What is Clevoo?
  How does Clevoo work?
  How can I register at Clevoo?
  How can I contact Clevoo?

Customer Questions

  How do I place an order at Clevoo?
  Who does the Translation, Editing and Proofreading?
  Which languages does Clevoo offer?
  What are your hours?
  How long does it take to translate, proofread and edit a document?
  How do I know that my order has been completed?
  What should I do when the price calculator does not support my file format?
  What is the minimum order amount?
  What happens if I’m not satisfied with the delivered text?
  Do I have the possibility to provide Clevoo translators or editors with my comments when placing an order?

Translator / Editor Questions

  Who can apply as a translator / editor?
  How can I apply for the translation or editing job?
  How much can I earn at Clevoo?

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