About us

The winner of the 5-Euro-Business competition for its inception of a smart business model, Clevoo is an online translation, editing and proofreading company that is renowned for offering reliable and professional services at competitive prices. We cater to thousands of customers using our innovative technology.

Eleven different types of documents - including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Office and PDF - can be uploaded on our smart price calculator that displays the estimated price and delivery time instantly. From placing an order to receiving perfect deliverables seamlessly, the entire system is optimized to maximize ease of use and comfort for the customer.

Our intuitive interface boosts the efficiency of the translation processes while reducing overall costs and delivery time dramatically. Apart from our workforce - comprised of hundreds of certified and skilled translators, proofreaders and editors who are all native speakers, our customer centric and user-friendly service also comes with the added benefits of data protection and privacy, as all of our experts sign confidentiality agreements.

Accessible round the clock, we have revolutionized the translation industry by providing high-quality translation and editing services through our innovative technology, which has enabled us to partner with various multinational companies.

Go global with Clevoo!

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